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Bern Lenox Boa Helm Satin Black

Artikelnummer: 2016-56048

Kategorie: Helme


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The Lenox is for the ladies who want and deserve it all: style, fit, and safety. This model features a premium knit liner that utilizes BOA technology to really dial in on that perfect fit. Another added benefit is the drop in audio ready ear flaps which allows you to drop in audio chips at any point so you can ride to your favorite playlist. (Audio sold separately)

The EPS/Thin Shell model is a certified helmet for both bike and snow. This model uses a thin ABS shell lined with EPS Foam to create a burly lightweight lid. A certified helmet is designed to crack and absorb a gnarly impact, much like you may encounter should you take a hard spill on the hill or riding your bike. A Women's EPS Summer Comfort Liner can be purchased separately to keep up with you through the seasons.

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