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Burton Tuning Vise Black

Artikelnummer: 2019-60834

EAN: 9009518670409

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Burton Tuning Vise
Snowboard Tisch-Halterung

Become a tuning mad scientist.
Every tuning bench needs a strong set of vices to keep the board secure during edging and waxing sessions. Our snowboard-specific version utilizes suction grips to keep the board horizontally secure during waxing or scraping, while also providing a vertically stable slide-in setup for sharpening edges. Portable and packable enough for road trips with a design that mounts easily to any bench or table, the vices also hide a bottle opener to make two-beer tasks in the tuning room easier.


  • Vertical and Horizontal Board Mounting Options
  • Anti-Slip Board Grips that Mounts to Virtually Any Table
  • Includes: Integrated Bottle Opener and Screwdriver Holder
  • 2-Year Warranty

Geschlecht: Unisex

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