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Ronix Kinetik Project - Flexbox 1 - Caffeinated / Natural - 150cm Wakeboard 2018

Artikelnummer: 2018-58774

Kategorie: Wakeboards

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Ronix Kinetik Project - Flexbox 1 - Caffeinated / Natural 
Herren Wakeboard


The cable kingpin is intentionally created with less rocker for more contact with the water resulting in more top water speed and control on the water. We realized that there are 2 styles of high-end park riders, which is why we created Flexbox 1 and Springbox 2, each with distinct pressure points both on features and leaving the water. Flexbox 1 is created for riders that like a softer mid-section allowing the center of the board to really bend into a press. Once in a press, the slightly stiffer tip/tail allows the rider to really pivot off the feature. This Kinetik has more of a solid snap off kickers, and works better for air tricks because a rider needs that added support when they flick off the end of the board.

Flexbox 1
G&R Technology
Dominik Hernler Pro Model

Geeignet für Fahrer mit einem Körpergewicht ab 70Kg

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